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Level 7 Ofqual Qualification Bolt-On

Level 7 Ofqual Qualification Bolt-On

Our Bolt-on Packages can be added to any aesthetics package that includes our foundation dermal filler and our foundation anti-wrinkle courses

Original price was: £2,250.00.Current price is: £1,499.00.

Level 7 Ofqual Qualification Bolt-On

Level 7 Ofqual Qualification Bolt-On

Our Bolt-on Packages can be added to any aesthetics package that includes our foundation dermal filler and our foundation anti-wrinkle courses

Original price was: £2,250.00.Current price is: £1,499.00.

Level 7 Ofqual Qualification Bolt-On


Are you Looking to become a Level 7 Aesthetics Practitioner? This bolt-on is for you!

Our Level 7 qualification bolt-on is the third and final step on your journey to level 7. This bolt-on is for our Level 7 Ofqual qualification. As with all of our bolt-on packages, they offer reduced prices but can only be added onto an aesthetics package that includes our Foundation dermal filler and Foundation anti-wrinkle courses. If you haven’t, no problem, check out our Level 7 qualification for practitioners

Are your level 4, 5 and 7 courses Ofqual qualifications? 

Yes, absolutely! As a Qualiifed approved centre, we can deliver Ofqual courses. These are government-approved courses and internationally recognised qualifications. See more about why this is important in our blog post HERE

Do I need to do my Level 4 qualification before I do my Level 5 and Level 7?

That will depend, if have 3 years of injectable experience then no, you can go straight don’t your level 5 but if you don’t, then you will need to successfully pass your level 4 qualification before starting your level 5. We will double-check during our onboarding process so if you’re not sure then don’t worry will pick it up before you start. You will not have to pay for courses you do not need.

Do I have to do level 5 before my level 7?

In most cases YES, it is a requirement to have level 5 before completing level 7. The exception is if you are a medic. If you are a medic you can go straight onto our level 7 qualification

But I am already qualified in skin needling, why do I have to do it again!?

You will need a qualification in skin needling, this is different to a CPD CERTIFICATE. Most learners are in this category and will have to complete the Level 5 qualification.

What is a Bolt-on Package?

Our Bolt-on packages are designed to help our learners advance their skills at reduced prices. The bolt-on packages can be added to our Aesthetics Enhanced Beginners Package and give our learners to opportunity to build their own aesthetics packages around their interests at a time of their choosing.

Can I buy a bolt-on package if I haven’t done a Matrix Course?

No, our Bolt-on packages have been specifically designed to be added to our Aesthetics Enhanced Beginners Package or for anyone who has trained in foundation dermal filler and foundation anti-wrinkle at Matrix.

Can I still train in advanced aesthetics with Matrix if I haven’t done the Foundation courses?

Absolutely! We train learners from all over the UK and our advanced courses are designed to help anyone who is looking to advance their injecting skills. Check out our Aesthetics Mastery Package for extra savings

Can I do aesthetics as a complete beginner?

Yes, currently you train as a complete beginner in aesthetics. You will need to complete what is known as ‘an access course’ first then you will be able to move onto injectables. With our Step into Aesthetics Course. you can start your aesthetics journey as a complete beginner and gain the necessary skills to move on to injectables. Our Aesthetics Enhanced Beginners Package has combined everything a beginner will need to start their new career in one easy package.

Do I need a Level 7 Aesthetics Qualification before I start injecting?

No, as the rules currently stand, you can train in aesthetics and receive a CPD certificate once you have successfully passed the course and this will allow you to obtain insurance. Once you are certificated and insured you can work as an aesthetic practitioner in the UK.

Are CPD Certificates a waste of money? Won’t they be obsolete once the new rules come in?

Not necessarily, CPD certificates will, as it currently stands, allow you to start working in the industry and building your ‘real world’ injecting experience. The injecting techniques you learn on our foundation and advanced CPD courses are the same injecting techniques you will need to pass your level 7 assessments. So becoming qualified now and building your experience will only benefit you in the long run and make obtaining your level 7 qualification a simpler process.

I’ve heard that once the new regulations come in, only medics will be able to do injectables.

Not true! The honest answer is nobody actually knows what the regulations will look like when they are brought in. However numerous studies into the industry have all concluded that there is no evidence to prove that a person’s background has any bearing on how they do injectables. The regulations are designed to make the industry safer as a whole and to make sure that everybody, medics or non-medics are practising safely and are carrying out best practices. The current changes in licensing have helped but further information can be found on the government’s website for a better understanding of what the new regulations will mean for the industry. One thing every successful practitioner will agree on though is, that regulations are a good thing and they are not something to be scared of. As long as you are following the rules and you are doing as you should. Don’t worry, you will learn all of this in our courses

What if I spend money on a course now and the regulations change, won’t I have wasted my money?

No, not at all. As previously stated, the most important thing is to get yourself qualified and start building your ‘real world’ experience. The injecting techniques you learn in our CPD courses will be the same that you will need to pass your level 7 assessment so the sooner you get qualified and start practising, the better! Our level 7 Bolt-on will allow you to add the courses when you are ready to start studying and the reduced price will ensure that not a single penny you spend is wasted

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