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Journey To Level 7 | Existing Practitioner

Journey To Level 7 | Existing Practitioner

Our Journey to Level 7 – Existing Practitioner Line. If you are already qualified in Aesthetics, then this route has been designed to get you to your level 7 qualification with minimal cost or downtime to your business.


Journey To Level 7 | Existing Practitioner

Journey To Level 7 | Existing Practitioner

Our Journey to Level 7 – Existing Practitioner Line. If you are already qualified in Aesthetics, then this route has been designed to get you to your level 7 qualification with minimal cost or downtime to your business.



Level 7 Aesthetics for existing practitioners

Welcome to Matrix Academy, your gateway to becoming a Level 7 Aesthetician!

Existing Practitioner Line – As an existing practitioner, you may feel that the potential rule changes are unfair, and you are having to spend money on retaking qualifications that you already have. After all, you have been running a successful clinic for years without incident. You follow all the best practices, and your clients are well looked after. But you probably agree that not all practitioners out there are the same as you and that the potential rule changes and new regulations will help clean up the industry, so like us, you probably feel that this is, overall, a good thing to be happening. You just don’t want to have to pay through the nose for it. That is where the Existing Practitioner line comes in. This route has been designed to get you to your level 7 qualification with minimal cost or downtime to your business. We will need to do an initial assessment of your current skills, this will help us keep the cost down on your level 7 assessment and help us understand what work is needed at an early stage. This will help us to plan your training and get you to where you want to be in the minimum amount of time.

This package has been designed for 2 reasons.

1, To make it clear to beginners the journey that is required to get to level 7.

2, To break down the costs and help learners make the journey cost-effective whilst giving them confidence that the money they spend will not go to waste.

The importance of choosing the right path and the right academy is now more important than ever. Matrix is a company that specialises in working with complete beginners, and we understand the journey that you need to take, not only in the qualifications that you need to get but also the ongoing support that you will need before, during and after your training. This is why we have over 250 5-star reviews across multiple platforms, and it is why we have learners returning to us for all of their courses.

Don’t put this off any longer. Let’s get this started today!

Aesthetics FAQs

Aesthetics FAQ's

Head over to our FAQs to discover more about Aesthetics by clicking HERE


How This Package is Delivered

Skills Assessment  – The first stage will be an assessment of your current skills. To travel this route, you will need qualifications in foundation filler, foundation anti-wrinkle, advanced filler, and advanced anti-wrinkle. If you do not have all of these then you can still travel this route, but you will to add the reassessment line so we can add the skills you may be missing. This will be delivered over one day, with written assessments to be carried out at home

Module One:

RPL Current Qualifications – The first benefit of being a Matrix learner is that we can RPL your existing qualifications over to Ofqual. This will save you from having to retrain and will help keep the costs down. You will need a Level 4 Qualification to go onto Levels 5 and 7. If you already have this, you can go onto Levels 5 and 7, if not, we can convert Skin Needling and Anatomy and physiology certificates into Qualification for a cost of £500 (Awarding body is Focus Awards)

If you do not have a level 4 certificate currently in needling and physiology, then you can do our Level 4 A&P (Ofqual) and Level 4 Skin Needling (Ofqual) for a special price of £800 – Saving £200

Module Two:

Level 5 – Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner Training Course – (£1750)

Level 7 – Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Training Course – (£1750)

What Will You Learn

In this package, you will learn:
(Please click course name for more info)

Level 4 Qualification in Anatomy & Physiology (Ofqual) 


Level 4 Qualification in Skin Needling (Ofqual)


Level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner Training Course (Ofqual)


Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Training Course (Ofqual)

Why Level 7

Why Level 7?

  1. Level 7 Aesthetics Course: Our flagship program is a carefully crafted curriculum that covers all aspects of aesthetics, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Led by industry experts with years of experience, this course will guide you through a progressive learning path, ensuring a solid foundation in essential skills such as skin care, facial treatments, body care, and specialized procedures.
  2. Comprehensive Training Materials: As a beginner, we understand the importance of having reliable resources at your disposal. When you enrol in our Level 7 Aesthetics Course, you gain access to comprehensive training materials, including textbooks, video tutorials, case studies, and interactive modules. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding of theoretical concepts and provide practical guidance for hands-on learning.
  3. Practical Hands-On Experience: We believe that practical experience is vital for honing your skills as an aesthetician. Our course provides ample opportunities for hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced instructors. From performing facial treatments to using advanced equipment, you’ll have the chance to gain real-world experience and build confidence in your abilities.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: At Matrix Academy, we provide a professional learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Our classrooms are designed to replicate a spa-like setting, complete with the latest aesthetic equipment and tools. This ensures that you train in a setting that mirrors the industry standards you’ll encounter in your future career.
  5. Industry Connections and Placement Assistance: We have established strong ties with leading aesthetic clinics, spas, and wellness centres in the industry. As a student at Matrix Academy, you’ll have access to our network and benefit from placement assistance upon graduation. We are committed to supporting your transition from student to practising professional.
  6. Continued Support and Alumni Network: Your journey with Matrix Academy doesn’t end with graduation. We provide ongoing support through mentorship programs, alumni events, and exclusive resources. Join our extensive network of successful alumni and stay connected with industry trends and advancements, ensuring your skills remain sharp and up to date.

Embark on your Level 7 Aesthetician course at Matrix Academy and unlock your full potential in the aesthetics industry. Our comprehensive program, practical experience, and ongoing support will empower you to excel as a skilled and confident aesthetician. Get started today, and let Matrix Academy be the catalyst for your successful career in aesthetics.

Not sure where to Start? Check out our Journey To Level 7 Guide

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