Finance your course with Humm

*0% APR options available

Matrix is now offering you more flexibility than ever, allowing you to spread the course cost over up to 12 months, interest-free or up to 24 months with industry-leading APR’s.

Applying is easy and can be achieved in just a few quick steps

  1. Make a note of the course and course price from our website
  2. Click the Humm Finance Now Button
  3. Fill out the form and set up your account
  4. Enter the code to verify your account (Check junk if it doesn’t come through)
  5. Look for the ‘Apply now’ Section and click ‘Begin Application’
  6. Read through the information and click ‘Apply Now’
  7. Enter your phone number to begin your application
  8. Fill out your details and select the term you wish to use to spread the cost of your course over
  9. If you are accepted, you have now been approved for the loan and now have the funds to purchase the course
  10. Call or email Matrix and let us know you are ready to proceed with the course. We will take you through the purchase and help you set up your online account

DONE– It’s now that simple to get your new career started and easier than ever to make sure the course suits your budget