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The price of this course includes a kit. We charge the kit at £79. The kit includes everything:

Mannequin head

Hair for weave, micro and nano rings



Section clips

Clamps for micro and nano rings

Course Content Includes: 

Micro rings

Nano rings


The kit you can purchase through us for £70 or you can order your own. You get everything you need to practise the course at home

All the theory is done online. There is an exam at the end to test your knowledge. The course includes useful demos for you to follow

To pass you must complete a case study for each method on your mannequin head, and email them over so we can check what you are doing is correct

The course is accreditted  and recognised, you will get a certificate at the end of the course when you pass. With this certificate you will be able to get insurance

We offer you continued support during and after the course


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