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BB glow is a lovely treatment to offer your clients. It buffs a specialised FDA approved BB cream into the skin to leave it flawless. Your client comes in every 10-12 days for 5 treatmnets in total. Their skin is left looking like a BB cream is on, helps to even out skin tone and hide pigmentation

Once paid if you want a kit please send us an email on:

[email protected] You need to send the video of you performing the treatment to this email too please

The full kit includes a pen, 2 nano attachmenst and 2 shades of BB glow plus 5ml cleanse, witch hazel bottles. We charge £50 for the kit

The course is online, with modules for you to work through at your own pace. Demos are for you to watch and follow. At the end of the course there is an exam for you to complete. You then need to send in your video of you performing the treatment as a case study. We will let you know if you have passed.

Once passed you will get an accredited certificate so you can get insured



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